Sunday, June 20, 2010


Guest Visitors: MrLeach (ML) and Quark (Q)

ML: heya popsy! hoppityFAT!

Q: Happy Fathers Day! Oh-oh, this is fun! So. I never really knew. Popsy Is A Father? Hey, how cool is that!

ML: yesh, quack! poopsy s a dudsy, quack! ho-ho, en a realllll father! QUACK!

Q: So who was Sumo's forever love, MrLeach?

ML: ssssh! sheeh croz de bridge jaz laz year. or mayb de oder year. cant remmbr! luk!

ML: der goz de furever lovers shumoh n picah! purrfect and tymlez luv!

Q: Ohhhhh! That was truly great, MrLeach! They make a great pair! So how many pups did they have?

ML: a houndred? haha. joks! laz i remmbr arnd 30. luk @ swpy de superdawg:

ML: . . . swpy s de famooze 1. swp luv drezzin up n lukin kewl.

Q: But what does Sweepy really do? I mean he IS a Superdog?

ML: oh-ya! swp burks abt annimall lawz n teachez kids 2read. sorta. n betwn naps. quack!

Q: Wow! I have super clients here! Amazing!

ML:. . . bt moz tyms swpy daz dz:

Q: Oh no! Sweepy is standing in the corner? For bad behavior?

ML: nopey. wen u kol hm swpy hides. kindda moody dat 1. en dz s de oder pup:

ML: swp n bogsy luv 2play arnd . . .

Q: Whoa! Wahaha! That looks really cool! Who is that? I don't see him around.

ML: coz dat big 1 bogart jaz paz de "rainbow bridge". . .

Q: Rainbow Bridge? I thought they go to the real Heaven. Funny, but I didn't know Bogart was with them, cause Ijust saw some of them off to go to the real Heaven where they said all beings never lack of anything: food, love, attention, play, hugs, you name it they have it there! Plus, nobody gets sick or in pain there!

ML: oh-ya, i kno. went der myself. saw pica n bogsy bt i cam bak.

Q: You mean you were SENT back?

ML: sorta. hu wl help dz hounds f im nt arnd?

Q: Well, me! That's the reason I was sent here! But I don't mind sharing the workload.

ML: okidoki. anyways, dz z popsy sumo's hooman:

ML: dz 1 luv 2 hug. en dz oder 1 . . .

ML: . . . luv drama. luk how dey act stoofid! pathetik!

ML: en dz wuz de whole family:

ML: . . . sumo, pica, keepr, swpy, bogsy n 2003! dy r ol OLD! now ya know!

ML: anywey, hapifadersdey, shumoh!

Q: Happy Father's Day, Sumo! You are one swell Dad! And thanks MrLeach for introducing everybody in Heaven!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Halu, Shumoh!

hey, sumo, iz meeh! mrLeach de leech!

im latey bcoz. m slow. m slypy. m, wel jaz late.
i try 2 gt hir fast bcoz i heard me hav competitor.
i heard de quarks r n heaven n wants ma job!

hey sumo? r u n yer haus slypin? halu popsy?

Im sleepin, hey! cant ya c?
Nakup, e2 na ang jejemon na linta! (here comes the jejemon-speak leech!)
at nakup, nahawa ata ako! (and i think i got infected by jejemon!)

Naku, mrLeach, wag nyo muna ako istorbuhin (don't disturb me)
Just go to sweepy and he'll take care of you.

hey, sumo, yer getin old slypin ol day!

Hmp, old ka dyan! Naku, magtigil ka Leach at baka daganan kita, lagot ka! (Hey, who's old? You better watch it, Leach, or I'll press you flat on my back!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

May Bisita Ako! (I Have A Visitor!)

Heeya, Sumo!
My name is Quark!
Nope, I'm not a quack.
I am a Duck.
A duck who quacks.

Nakup! Pag minalas ka talaga, iyan ang napapala mo sa buhay. May mag-bwisit sa iyo. Ay! Este, may bibisita sa iyo. . . Ahem, ano ba pakay mo, Quark?
Oh-oh! This is what you get when you're a loser. You get pesky visits, er, make that perky visitors . . . Oh, so what is it you want, Quark?

I am here to translate for you, Sumo!
I heard Bogart passed away and MrLeach is not always around and really now, you can't trust GoogleTranslate to do it not unless you want your readers to get migraines! Woohoo! And you can't be translating yourself not unless you want to look like a loser! HeeHaw!

Anyways, I come with a team. We work as a group. That way, we can pitch in when one is away. You know how hectic life is, even for ducks like us. So, see that dude behind me, that is Quark also. We are actually Quark Inc.

So, whaddaya say, Sumo?

Hmp, mukha kang masarap gawing Peking Duck! (You look good to be eaten as Peking Duck!) Naku Quark, you go and apply to Sweepy my pup. Sweepy is in charge of handling my blog. Sige, punta ka na doon at bahala na si Sweepy sa iyo . . . (Just go to Sweepy and he'll take care of you) At ako naman ang bahala sa buhay ko na sadyang nagsusungit parang weather. . . (And I will take care of my grumpy self just like the grumpy weather) . . .

And please leave your comments with Sweepy as well. Salamat po.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hoy Sumo! Nagtatago ka na naman ba?!!

Hey Sumo, Are You Hiding Again?
I translate myself . . . for now.

Aba, mukhang naispatan ka ng Haring Araw ah!
Hey, it looks like the King Sun found you!

Aba, mistulang nasa spotlight ka ata ah!
Hey, it looks like you are on the spotlight!

Naku, mukhang hindi ka ata makakatago sa laki mong iyan, Sumo!
Oh, but you can't hide your huge self like that, Sumo!

Eh sino ba ang nagtatago? Hindi ako nagtatago no!
But who says I'm hiding? I'm not hiding!

Meron akong hinahanap. At eto na siya . . .
I am looking for someone and here she is . . .

Eh sino naman ang hinahanap ng isang ito?
So who is this pup looking for?

Parang may hinahanap ata si Sweepy. . .
Sweepy looks like he is looking for somebody . . .

Ako ba ang hanap mo, Sweepy?
Are you looking for me, Sweepy?

Haha, joke! Bumibisita lang po. Miss ko na kasi kayo!
Haha, joke only. I'm just visiting. I miss you that's why!


Naku, puede ba. Pakisabihan mo naman ang mga kumag na iyan, Lui! Buhay man o patay, please lang, doon na sila umeksena sa blog nila no!
Oh, please advise these pups, Lui! Dead or alive, please ask them to do their stuff on their blogs!

Hmp! Maka-alis na nga!
Hmp! I better get out of here!