Sunday, June 13, 2010

May Bisita Ako! (I Have A Visitor!)

Heeya, Sumo!
My name is Quark!
Nope, I'm not a quack.
I am a Duck.
A duck who quacks.

Nakup! Pag minalas ka talaga, iyan ang napapala mo sa buhay. May mag-bwisit sa iyo. Ay! Este, may bibisita sa iyo. . . Ahem, ano ba pakay mo, Quark?
Oh-oh! This is what you get when you're a loser. You get pesky visits, er, make that perky visitors . . . Oh, so what is it you want, Quark?

I am here to translate for you, Sumo!
I heard Bogart passed away and MrLeach is not always around and really now, you can't trust GoogleTranslate to do it not unless you want your readers to get migraines! Woohoo! And you can't be translating yourself not unless you want to look like a loser! HeeHaw!

Anyways, I come with a team. We work as a group. That way, we can pitch in when one is away. You know how hectic life is, even for ducks like us. So, see that dude behind me, that is Quark also. We are actually Quark Inc.

So, whaddaya say, Sumo?

Hmp, mukha kang masarap gawing Peking Duck! (You look good to be eaten as Peking Duck!) Naku Quark, you go and apply to Sweepy my pup. Sweepy is in charge of handling my blog. Sige, punta ka na doon at bahala na si Sweepy sa iyo . . . (Just go to Sweepy and he'll take care of you) At ako naman ang bahala sa buhay ko na sadyang nagsusungit parang weather. . . (And I will take care of my grumpy self just like the grumpy weather) . . .

And please leave your comments with Sweepy as well. Salamat po.