Sunday, June 20, 2010


Guest Visitors: MrLeach (ML) and Quark (Q)

ML: heya popsy! hoppityFAT!

Q: Happy Fathers Day! Oh-oh, this is fun! So. I never really knew. Popsy Is A Father? Hey, how cool is that!

ML: yesh, quack! poopsy s a dudsy, quack! ho-ho, en a realllll father! QUACK!

Q: So who was Sumo's forever love, MrLeach?

ML: ssssh! sheeh croz de bridge jaz laz year. or mayb de oder year. cant remmbr! luk!

ML: der goz de furever lovers shumoh n picah! purrfect and tymlez luv!

Q: Ohhhhh! That was truly great, MrLeach! They make a great pair! So how many pups did they have?

ML: a houndred? haha. joks! laz i remmbr arnd 30. luk @ swpy de superdawg:

ML: . . . swpy s de famooze 1. swp luv drezzin up n lukin kewl.

Q: But what does Sweepy really do? I mean he IS a Superdog?

ML: oh-ya! swp burks abt annimall lawz n teachez kids 2read. sorta. n betwn naps. quack!

Q: Wow! I have super clients here! Amazing!

ML:. . . bt moz tyms swpy daz dz:

Q: Oh no! Sweepy is standing in the corner? For bad behavior?

ML: nopey. wen u kol hm swpy hides. kindda moody dat 1. en dz s de oder pup:

ML: swp n bogsy luv 2play arnd . . .

Q: Whoa! Wahaha! That looks really cool! Who is that? I don't see him around.

ML: coz dat big 1 bogart jaz paz de "rainbow bridge". . .

Q: Rainbow Bridge? I thought they go to the real Heaven. Funny, but I didn't know Bogart was with them, cause Ijust saw some of them off to go to the real Heaven where they said all beings never lack of anything: food, love, attention, play, hugs, you name it they have it there! Plus, nobody gets sick or in pain there!

ML: oh-ya, i kno. went der myself. saw pica n bogsy bt i cam bak.

Q: You mean you were SENT back?

ML: sorta. hu wl help dz hounds f im nt arnd?

Q: Well, me! That's the reason I was sent here! But I don't mind sharing the workload.

ML: okidoki. anyways, dz z popsy sumo's hooman:

ML: dz 1 luv 2 hug. en dz oder 1 . . .

ML: . . . luv drama. luk how dey act stoofid! pathetik!

ML: en dz wuz de whole family:

ML: . . . sumo, pica, keepr, swpy, bogsy n 2003! dy r ol OLD! now ya know!

ML: anywey, hapifadersdey, shumoh!

Q: Happy Father's Day, Sumo! You are one swell Dad! And thanks MrLeach for introducing everybody in Heaven!