Friday, January 13, 2012

The Party Is Over

Hoy Sweepy, anong balita?
Hey Sweepy, what's new?

Sweepy: Popsy, lookit!

Ahahay, mukhang nagliligpit na si Luchie ng palamuti. Tapos na ba ang kabaliwan, ay este, tapos na ba ang party?
Oh, looks like Luchie is taking out the decorations. Is the madness over, er, I mean, is the party over?

Sweepy: Nope, Popsy. Luchie said this weekend and next we are having parties again!

Luchie: Hoy Sumo, its your birthday this Sunday and next week is Chinese New Year!

Hmp, putukan na naman sa Chinese New Year ah! Eh hindi naman tayo Chinese!
Hmp, there will be firecrackers on Chinese new year and we're not even Chinese!

Di bale. Birthday ko na sa linggo. Siguro may mag-reregalo sa akin ng headset loaded ng U2. Hihimlay lang ako sa bahay pagkatapos tsumibog. Hide muna ako hanggang new year. Hoy Lui, may tikoy ba?
But that's OK. Maybe on my birthday on Sunday somebody will give me a headset loaded with U2 (music) and I will rest in my house after eating. I will hide until the new year is over. Hey Lui, do we have tikoy? (tikoy: sticky sweets for Chinese new year)

Lui: Anong tikoy? Baka magkadikit-dikit ang ngala-ngala mo, yari ka! Mag-ingat ka kaya at 12 ka na!
Lui: What tikoy? Your gums might stick together if you have that! You better watch it because you are already 12!

Hoy Lui! Tatanda ka rin! Tandaan mo yan!
Hey Lui you will grow old too mark my word!

Translated by Quark.