Saturday, September 17, 2011

Luchie Of My Life

Iyan si Luchie.
There goes Luchie.

Lagi iyang nagkikikilos. Kung saan saan pumupunta. Waring hindi mapakali sa bawat sandali.
She is always on the move. She goes everywhere. She can not seem to stay put.

Noong isang araw nag-bowling. Noong isang araw nag-ensayo sa pag-awit. Ngayon naman nag-kukukutkut ng kung anu-ano.
The other day she went bowling. The other day she rehearsed for some songs. Today she putters around.

Ganyan talaga kapag retired ka na. Marami ka nang araw gawin ang mga gusto mong gawin. Noong isang araw sabi ni Luchie kay Lui na waring gusto niya mag-pinta. Sabi ni Lui "go girl go!"
That's how it is if you are retired. You have all the time to do the things you wanted to do. The other day Luchie told Lui that she is interested to do some painting and Lui said "go girl go!"

Ako kaya, ano kaya ang gusto kong gawin ngayong 'senior' na rin ako katulad ni Luchie?
But what about me? I wonder what I can do now that I am also 'senior' like Luchie?

Pero wag ka. Kahit libre na ang araw ni Luchie aba parang kulang pa rin ang araw para sa mga bagay na gusto niyang gawin. Akala mo kapag retired ka na marami ka nang oras pero kulang pa rin . . . Nauubusan ka rin pala ng oras . . .
But it is not really so. Luchie still does not have all the free time she needs to do all the things she loves to do. You would think that if you are retired you have all the time but it is still lacking. . . You still lack for time . . .

Ako marami akong oras, Luchie! At ang tanging gusto ko ang makapiling kayo ni Lui buong araw. Pero lagi naman kayong wala!
Me, I have a lot of free time, Luchie! And the only thing I want is to be with you and Lui all day but you are always out!

Hmp, maka-retire nga sa tabi tabi . . .
Hmp, I better go and retire somewhere . . .

Translated by Quark