Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hindi Pala Ako Naiwan Sa Pansitan. . .

. . . ako pala naiwan sa sushihan! Aroooo!
Translators: Quark and MrLeach

Quark: Sumo's post title is a play on words. Pansitan literally means a noodle shop. When Sumo said in the last post that he was left in the noodle shop (pansitan), he meant he was left in the gutter. Nothing personal. It did not mean that a noodle shop is a gutter. But pinoy speak, my dear readers, can sometimes ironically be, satire-speak. But to continue: sushihan (probably meant sushi shop) which then translate to: Sumo was not left in the noodle shop but instead was left out of the sushi event. In short: the black dog is trying to satire an event. As always.

MrLeach: ey, wat s dat, quark?

Quark: Forget it, moron!

At kung tapos na kayo mag-lecture at mangkulit dito siguro naman puede na akong ituloy ang kuwento ko, hane? Parang ako pa ata ang hindi makapapel sa sarili kong blog!

Quark: And if you guys are done with your lecture and posturing here, maybe I can finally continue with my story? It looks like I can not even star in my own blog!
MrLeach: f u r done wd ur antics mayb i cn continue n wd ma story n star n my own blog!

O sya. Hindi pala pansitan ang na-miss ko sa Malacanan. Aba, pagkaing hapon pala ang inihain doon. Mala-sushi pala. Aba, sa hindi nyo lang naitatanong, talagang type ko ang pagkaing hapon. Yung hilaw na karne talaga ang type naming mga aso! Naku, sigurado kung nandun ako, tiyak ubos ko lahat ng karne dun!

Quark: Anyway, I did not miss the noodles in Malacanan (the Presidential Palace). Hey, they served japanese foods there like sushi. In case you don't know, I love japanese foods. Dogs really love raw meat. And if I was there (at the Presidential inaugural) I would have eaten all the raw meat there!
MrLeach: dy dd nt hav noodles bt jap fuds n mahlahcahnyan! n shumoh n ol dawgs lov raw meats. n f shumoh wuz der he wud ol meatie der! bt f u ask me i hate meats. i 8 dust onli.

At eto ang sinabi ni PNoy na hindi ko makakalimutan:
Quark: And this is what President Noynoy (PNoy) said that I can not forget:
MrLeach: d unfurgtabl sey of pnoy:

Kayo Ang Boss Ko. Yan!
Yan na nga ang sabi ng idol ko!
Ako raw ang bossing nya.
Tayo raw!
Quark: "You Are My Boss" that is what my idol said. I am his boss. And that includes all of us!
MrLeach: u r ma boz - s wat ma idol sed. i m hs boz. ol f uz!

At dahil ako ang isa sa mga bossing ni Pnoy, eto naman ang order ko sa kanya:
Quark: And since I am one of the bosses of PNoy, here is my order for him:
MrLeach: n az hs boz hr s ma order 4 hm:

Ayusin ang batas.
Ipatupad ang batas.
Lalo na ang batas para sa mga hayop!
Pigilan ang malupit na pagkupkop ng hayop na sadyang nakasulat sa batas.
Parusahan ang mga taong sadyang hindi tumutupad sa mga batas RA8485 at RA9482 at ang mga namumuno na sadyang isinasa-isang tabi ang mga batas na sadyang nangangalaga sa mga hayop sa paligid!
PNoy, tulungan mo naman kami!

Mind the laws. Implement the laws. Especially the laws on animal welfare! Stop the cruel ownership of animals which are written in the laws. Punish those who do not follow Republic Act 8485 and Republic Act 9482, especially the leaders who ignore these laws that regulate animal care in the community! President Noynoy, please help us!
MrLeach: quark sez it better. ooooh shumoh, u r r hero! go shumoh go!

Huwag mo akong biguin, PNoy, kasi sadyang umaasa ako sampu ng pamilya at kaibigan ko na umaasa sa pamumuno mo na mabibigyang lunas ang pag-aabuso sa mga hayop sa kapaligiran ko!
Quark: Don't let me down, President Noynoy, because I, together with my family and friends, are looking up to your leadership to provide relief to the animal abuses around me!

Quark: Oh, Sumo, you said it for all of us! Bravo!!! Hey, MrLeach, where are you? Is that you crying out in there? Are you alright, Leach? Hey Sumo, MrLeach walked away in tears after your passionate stand for all animals! I better link this to my associates.