Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hoy Sumo, Bangon Na!

Hey Sumo, Wake Up!
English by Bogart

Ay sus!
Tinamaan ng magaling!
Oh wow! Hit it hard!

Aba, mataas na ang araw!
Bumangon ka na Sumo!
Hey, the sun is up! Wake up Sumo!

Aba, aba, aba . . . abaniko! Hehe.
Aba, kung ganyan kang tutulog-tulog maghapon, maiiwan ka sa pansitan!
Hey, hey, yo . . . fan! Haha. Hey if you will sleep all day you will be left in the curb!

Ay, mamaMia, tralala, sisboomba! Akala ko nagbakasyon ka somewhere. Yun pala nagtatago ka lang sa bahay mo sa harap ng electric fan! Hoy, sagutin mo raw ang mga eMails mo Sumo!!!
Oh, mamaMia, tralala, sisboomba! I thought you went on vacation somewhere but instead you are just hiding in your house in front of the electric fan! Hey, answer your eMails Sumo!!!

Ang init kaya! O sya, eto ang sagot ko sa mga tanong at eMails:
But it's too hot! Anyway, here's my response to the questions sent by eMail:

1. Kulas, wala akong kulasisi. At hindi ako nagsisisi. Kulas, I have no mistress and I don't regret it.
2. Buster, I do not have time to join any contests now but I forwarded your invitation to my pup Sweepy. Sweepy loves to compete.
3. Trina, I am sorry for not extending my appreciation for your wonderful card. I received it last month and I really liked it. Salamat bigtime! Thank you very much!
4. PetChannel, I am sorry if I can not link to you. I am not allowed to just link to any site. I thank you for featuring my blog and post and for inviting me to be a member. But I am . . . ahem, quite lazy. Maybe my pup Sweepy and Bogart will register soon and sample your goodies.
5. Deidre, I am voting for Noynoy but since I can not vote . . . . Lui is still undecided. Luchie is for Noynoy. Loyd is Gibo.
6. Alice, I am not what you think. I am Alpha dog. I lead the pack. That is, if I am not sleeping.

And for Jonas, Chinggay, Josie, and Toto: salamat mga kapuso at kapamilya! Thank you for your funny stories. And thank you for your wonderful words. Now, if you'll excuse me people . . .

. . . . I am going back to sleep.

Wag nyo muna akong istorbuhin. Tumatanda na po. Antukin na po. Mainit. At masarap matulog.
Don't disturb me for now. I am getting old. I get sleepy. It is hot and I love to sleep.

Tatanda rin kayo!
You'll get old too!