Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sumo's Halo-Halo

This is called diabetically yours to-die-agad dessert. If you are diabetic, this will kill you in seconds! These people should put an X mark over it!

Naku, pasensya na but wala na naman akong translator kaya ako na naman din iyon. I have no stupid translator so I'm doin the job too! My sharp sense of smell alerted me to it. I ran fast to the kitchen and saw the piping hot, makamatay na amoy, at hoy, kasali ako dyan ha! Hey, I'm having that too!

Halo-halo is the pinoy version of fruit sherbet. And this one is our house Heaven's version. Haaay! Salamat at 'di ako diabetic! Oh, thanks goodness I am not diabetic!

And this is Heaven's Halo-Halo:

You get a big bowl of crushed ice.
Aba, we crush our own ice in Heaven.
We don't use electric but a manual ice crusher.
Tipid pa sa kuryente. Save on electricity.

Now, scoop some of the sweetened bananas, langka and sago and top it on the mountain of crushed ice! Spoon some syrup too . . . ay, MAMATAY! Ahhhhh death!

Tapos, you get chilled cream and voila!

My version of death!
Yummy. Cool. Quick fix on a hot day.

Ang Halo-halo ay tunay na pinoy.
The Halo-halo is truly pinoy.
Gaya ko, maraming pinoy may halo ang lahi.
Like me, a lot of pinoys have mixed blood.
Tulad ni Obama, maraming mongrel!
Like Obama, a lot are like mongrels!
Eh bakit ka naman mahihiya kung tisoy ka!
But why will you be ashamed if you have mixed blood!

Gaya ng halo-halo ko
na tunay namang unique
masarap, at kaaya-aya!
Like my halo-halo which is really unique, delicious and satisfying!
Busog ka talaga sa sarap!
You'll really feel full and satisfied!

At ang magandang kasunod diyan ay malalim at matagal na tulugan!
The best aftermath to that is a long and deep nap!
Ahahay buhay!
Ahhhh life!