Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picture! Picture!

Aba siyempre kapag kodakan, lagi akong handa! Hoy Lui, halika dali!
Hey, I am always ready for picture-taking! Hey Lui, come here quick!

Sweepy: Hey Popsy! The camera is off-center!

Hala sige 'major-major' pose na ha!
Ok, do your pose!

Sweepy: Popsy, the camera is off center!

Hoy, wag ka nga maingay diyan, Sweepy!
Be quiet there, Sweepy!

Sweepy: Popsy look! Your pose is off and Keeper has no face!

Aba, siya nga! Haha! Bakit ba ganun? Aba, super, over, sover, major-major out-of-focus kaya!
Oh, but you're right! Haha! Why did that happen? It is so out-of-focus!

Parang mga tao din pala. Madalas out-of-focus!
It is just like most people who are also out-of-focus!

Translated to English by Quark