Monday, February 8, 2010

Hoy, hindi ako Vampire!

Hey, I Am Not A Vampire!
I translate myself . . .

Iyan ang mukha ko kapag inaapi ako.
Iyan ang mukha nang inapi.
Apihin ba naman ako.
Ng sarili ko pang anak!
Iyan ang tinawag sa akin ni Sweepy.
Dyaske talaga ang kumag na iyan.
Sukat ba namang tawagin akong bampira!
Eh, mukha bang bampira ang mukha na iyan, Lui?
That is how I look when somebody is putting me down. Sweepy just called me a vampire in his post. My own pup no less! Do I look like a vampire, Lui?

Aba, oo naman! Oh yes!
Minsan nga (sometimes), you really scare me, Sumo!
Remember last last week during the full moon . . . .

I heard you howling all night . . .

You sounded like a beast out to suck blood!
Believe me, Iwas so scared that I did not go out.
I just took a peek from the windows and that's when I saw you!

You sound scary. Naku, yun pala, you were the one scared! Hay naku, if you did not call me from my room, I would have stayed inside the house! Remember, Sumo?

But you're right. You are not a vampire even if you sometimes look like one. For me you are loveable, sweet and extremely gorgeous! You should not take Sweepy's teasing seriously. Sweepy is just having fun, as always!

Hmp, isa ka pa, Lui! Inaapi ninyo ako talaga. Eh ni sa panaginip di ko feel ang human blood kaya. Naku, saksakan ng virus and bacteria kaya ng dugo ng tao! Yikes kaya! Di bale, wait ko na lang ang Valentine baka may makuha akong puso . . . na cake!
Hmp, you're just like him, Lui! You are all putting me down. Never in my wildest dream did I have the urge for human blood which I'm sure is full of virus and bacteria. Yikes indeed! Never mind, I will wait for Valentine in case I get a heart . . .-shaped cake!